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Born in beautiful Bermuda, now living in BC, Canada, I feel fortunate to have visited 35+ countries and counting. Like most, I love to travel. I also work professionally in tourism marketing and have led lots of global successes, including driving sales in over 110 countries with Trafford Advertising, and attracting runners from 65+ countries to the now world-class BMO Vancouver Marathon.
When I shoot travel photography and videography, I do so creatively and strategically. As such, I now partner with resorts and tourism brands to create compelling content. Packages may include raw footage or edited drone photography and stabilized video. Featuring 1M+ views, select pics are also added to Google and my blog Image Itinerary. Check out my sample vids on YouTube, available services, and contact me to chat further.
First to rise, I like to find natural wonders before the masses wake. I search for moments and angles to capture imagery with strong emotional pull through 'Signature' shots of big picture, awe-inspiring images. 'Experiences' and 'Moments' provide context and a deeper look at specific places and experiences. Listed above are some reasons you may want to collaborate. Below is a small sub set of sample hotel pics.